Saturday, June 28, 2008

Agritopia in Cottage Living

So every month I can't wait for my subscription of Cottage Living to arrive in the mail...I read it cover to cover the first day. Yesterday I get it in the mail and am excited to see that their annual "10 Best Neighborhoods" is in this edition. Open it up to see that our friends, the Ruffentine's, neighborhood is featured! Not only that, but Brian got a quote in..."We love living here because our house is close to the street, says Brian Ruffentine of the home he shares with his wife and three children. "There's a low fence line, and we're always talking to our neighbors or throwing a frisbee or watching the kids skateboard. We spend more time in our front yard than in our beautiful backyard." Nicely put Brian. 
The picture above didn't make it into the magazine, but it is on the cottage living site. 
I love them but I'm totally jealous and am going to make it my mission in life to get my neighborhood in there...


Megan Ruffentine said...

I would have thought you of all people would have set your mind to appearing in your favorite magazine a long time ago...Glad we could be the motivating factor (: I have no doubt that once you've set your mind to it, the good old Evergreen District in Mesa(right?) will be in CL's Top Ten! Fun, fun (:

My Three Sons Designs said...

yeah, but we'll never have a gargantuan dog park next door.
Go Parker :)

Heather said...

I love agritopia, if it weren't so dang far from hubby's work and sons school we would be living there!

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