Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pile O' High Chairs

Oh, IKEA, how I love your mountains of chic, modern, thrifty things that I somehow don't need until I get in their presence...but this trip had a Lost Canyon with more baby equipment for our camp for teen moms next week. Where else can you buy 20 high chairs for under $500? And six changing tables for under $250? It was a family trip so we scarfed down a cheap scandinavian IKEA dinner, Lincoln played in his favorite play place and the rest of us piled up was a fun family night on the town. 

Add this to the growing pile of stuff in my carport and we're almost ready to head up to camp on saturday...

One mountain of baby equipment
100+ childcare volunteers
100 camp staff and volunteers
220 teen moms and mentors
150 babies 
one big adventure! i'll keep you posted 


Jenny Gelbrich said...

Okay, never mind, I think Harrison looks like you in these pictures. John in real in pictures. Love you!

Sarah said...

Oooh! Good reminder for me to bring that walker toy with me tomorrow!

So glad you and Heather had a fun meet-up! : )

Ben said...

Yeah!! That's great offers on High Chairs and other baby stuff!!

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