Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Changes for the Byards

Wow. Here's one you might not have seen coming. We're moving to San Diego.  In a month. 
John is taking a new job with Young Life and he's going to be starting YL at San Diego State University. We're super excited, really nervous & have one million and one things to get done this month.  Starting with getting someone really great to rent our house...know anyone? 
Please add us to your prayer list...we'll need some small miracles this month.  
Of course, you'll be seeing our journey to the Ocean via this little blog. 


Jenny G said...


Paris Cowgirl said...

Thank goodness for the blog world. We'll be able to keep up with your lives. sniffle sniffle... my idea for a renter isn't going to work out. I'll keep looking!

:) said...

wow freaking wow!

how incredibly cool- God is good and you two have been instrumental in making college Young Life incredible where you're at. God defintely has more lives to bless through you!

holy wow.

sarah said...

So as I said on Friday ... SO sad because I will miss you guys SO much ... but also really excited for your family and this new opportunity and adventure!

Heather said...

Oh My Goodness!! And we were just starting to get to know one another!!

Although, it sounds like a great gig! If we could get a buyer for our house I'd come live in yours :)

Anonymous said...

i'm in shock.

Anonymous said...

Wow, our son just moved to San Diego to go on Young Life staff. His website says he's playing a gig at Backyard BBQ @ the Byard's. I'm guessing that would be you guys. We'll be praying for you and the whole San Diego area! Best wishes.

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