Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Although a third baby has added a whole other dimension of the word "busy", a huge bonus has been watching Ben love his brother. He has know the "sign" for brother for awhile, but just learned the word this week. His version is "bra-der", it's just stinking adorable. It's actually one of his first clear words, even more special.

This is them in the grocery cart car this morning...a heavenly trip with just two kids and a husband along for the ride. Although, when husbands go to the grocery store you hear a lot of "that costs nine dollars?!!!!" welcome to the year 2008 honey. 
love you. 


sarah said...

Awwww ... yay!!!! : )

My Three Sons Designs said...

yeah, he said dollar and pig today too! You were right, all of a sudden...

:) said...

aw- the 'twins'. yay Ben!

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