Sunday, August 24, 2008

Too Blond?

I can totally take it, lets have some honesty. Too much blond? I always tell my stylist, Krystal (seriously funny girl), "Go ahead, let's go really blond!" And so she listens to me...and then I look in the mirror and think, too much. 

This post actually reminds me how much we women think about our hair. It's not really my fault. When I was in high school I loved to do everyone's hair and my friends called me Vidal Sassoon (that was a compliment in the 80's). 
And because your friends opinions are everything, I thought "I'll go to beauty school". So I went to beauty school during my senior year before college, but I dropped out half way through. 
Go ahead and sing the song. 
And then I made a bundle of money giving perms that smelled like bad gas in the dorms. Too much information. And I gave a lot of free haircuts to my friends because they were brave. My hair was "neopolitan" when I left beauty school. Literally. If any of my high school girlfriends read this post, I want you to confirm this. 
Enough hair talk. Night.


:) said...

I think it's way cute!

Everhart Family said...

I LOVE it! You go girl! Sassy new hair & sexy new bedroom! Perfect!!! See you tonight!

Jenny G said...

Love you!

Heather said...

nope, I like it! If I hadn't met you and known that your hair was darker I would think it was a natural blond- she did a great job!

court garrison said...

I love the hair and I laughed out loud about the Beauty School are hilarious!

Kelly Gray said...

I love it blond! I'm inspired.

McKenzie June said...

i LOVE your new hair!!!
it looks super cute.

Lora said...

too blonde? there's NO such thing. and remember, if you're a "real" blonde like me, go ahead and put the e on the end of blonde. it's much more glamorous.

(i found you through jenny's blog, in case you're wondering. hope you don't think i'm weird.)

My Three Sons Designs said...

Thanks for all the input! I'm staying blonde...with an e!

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