Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bath Time Thoughts

The Hare Bear wants to be where the action is...
Ben's favorite place in the world, outside the dinner table, is the bathtub...we say "splash, splash" and he goes bonkers. He stayed in tonight until the the bubbles were gone, the toys were all thrown out of the tub, and the water was cold. 

I spent this half hour watching Harrison crawl around the bathroom, peek into the tub, and chew on bath toys as Ben tossed them. 

I also spent this half hour feeling really sad about leaving my life in Arizona. 

I spent the day today cancelling stuff in Mesa, and ordering cable & internet in San Diego. 

I spent the day with the moving company guy, looking at our things and figuring out what small fortune will get it all to Dale Street.

So tonight, I thought about the important things...
who will be my community? 
who will I be able to let it all hang out with? 
will Ben's teacher love him like his teacher does here?
will we "fit in"? in so many arenas  
most importantly, how long will it take for the Starbucks' baristas in my neighborhood to start making my drink when I walk in the door? (like "Cheers", for the caffeine addicted)

I hang on to what I know is true, God has me cradled in his hand, and he cares about the condition of my heart. 


The Garrison's said...

Okay, first, San Diego is one of my favorite places in the world! Secondly, I love your heart and will pray for Bens teacher to love him to blow you away with how she adores him. :) Harrison is getting SO big! :)

JuLieO said...

you're crazy.......

have you SEEN how cute Ben is? If you need to refer to the pics above.

(the other concerns I have no good replies to, just that one.)


Lisa Eaton said...

I'm just sad too!!!

Paris Cowgirl said...

We know you'll be fine. You attract the right kind of people just by being who you are! But, we're still saddddd.

:) said...

just keep resting in Him- and His plans- and His promises- and He'll get you where you need to be. with everyone, starbucks included. haha.

You're so fab. praying for you!

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