Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Day on Dale Street

I left LA at 5:30am to meet our movers at 8am....waited, waited, finally arrived at 10am. John arrived with the boys a little later and they all checked out the place. Lincoln is in love with all of the house's nooks and cubbies. Harrison keeps looking around with wide eyes, wondering where the heck he is. Ben just wants snacks and toys. 

Adorable neighborhood...friendly neighbors...fun 4 year old, Django (d is silent) next door...
Strange thing though...heat wave came through, it was 100 degrees yesterday! We can't escape. 

Great old and new friends came over to help. Krista and Jordan were master un-packers and the Scofields brought us a delicious dinner to end the day. 

I think we're gonna be just fine. 


JuLieO said...

in the third picture is she pointing out the unpacked dishes or the Starbucks?

Yup, I think you guys will be fine.

My Three Sons Designs said...

the starbucks, of course

Paris Cowgirl said...

But still sporting a D-backs t-shirt!

Kelly said...

so glad you guys are getting settled- it sounds like you are doing really good. happy unpacking!

My Three Sons Designs said...

get out here Grays. Sleep over at the byards house.

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