Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trig's Mom

Now, this blog is not about to become political. But I'm really liking this Alaska girl who chose to keep this little angel, Trig. He's an absolute doll baby, just like my Benners was, and I'm so thankful for the press he's getting. Babies with Down Syndrome are a gift that often never get to be given. Check out this lady, I'm thinking she's gonna shake things up a bit. And she can sure deliver a speech. Hmmm.


Lora said...

i'm totally with you, blondie. she's gonna do some very big things. i love who and what she, really...she represents us, don't you think? for the very first time, i really think that. cool.

SewAmy said...

yes she can, she rocked the house.

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