Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Baby Adventures, Part Three

With the Linkster in all day school, the "twins" and I have been doing some serious park cruising. We have a sweet park that's perfect for the under 4 set in our neighborhood and went to a incredible park at Mission Bay the other day. 

The babies are obviously pretty excited to have more available time just about them. 

And I'm learning about being assertive with the other mommies at the park. It's like "happy hour" for moms. 

I'm thinking I should bring a few extra lattes if I'm really trying to make some new friends. Latte anyone? 


JuLieO said...

Latte's are the key to any mothers heart I'm sure.

But it is Cali, maybe a martini or something is more appropriate. (I'm not sure, that was my attempt at a cali joke)

I applaud your effort of putting yourself out there. The pictures of your children made me GOL (giggle out loud)

Love and miss you guys.

Grandma said...

I would love to have a bite out of each one those stinky boys of yours, I miss them so much as they get cuter by the minute!

:) said...

cute as can be- Those boys are getting so big!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Can I just say "we miss you guys"... Don't you think you should come back here for Bliss Fest? I know a house that you can stay in. And, thanks for the use of the house. It came in so very handy! So, Bliss Fest, think about it!

Jules said...

Benner's you look so old!! You are growing up and auntie is not there to witness it. Harrison you are looking quite handsome yourself. I love you boys!!

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