Friday, October 17, 2008

Tooth Fairy

More than...

birthday number 5 
starting kindergarten
moving from scooby doo briefs to boxer briefs
growing his hair "long like Brennans" 
asking how babies get into a mommy's tummy

this one little baby tooth somehow says "i'm growing up" more than all of those things. 
wow, this is going fast. 


:) said...

loose teeth freak me out- did you have to pull it?

Lauren said...

I love reading updates on your family and all the new fun you are experiencing in California. I hope you guys feel more and more at home there as time goes on!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Still missin' you guys. The evening weather is so nice now. Lincoln should be out running around, Ben should be sitting in your front yard smiling, and Harrison, well he should just be there!

Jessie said...

Congrats Lincoln on your first tooth gone!! You are such a big boy I hope to see you soon! And start looking in your mail soon cause your special pen pal is sending something off! Love you buddy!!

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