Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Week Away

One of the more wonderful parts to my Young Life job is the people I get to work with. This past week I was at Young Life's camp, Trail West, outside Buena Vista, CO. 

Beautiful camp,awesome view and incredible people.

I loved being with my YoungLives partners, Lindsey, Lucy and Emilie. 

Experienced great worship led by Ryan Long.

Great words on Leadership by the author of Heroic Leadership, Chris Lowney. 

Led into this year with vision and purpose. 

Deck of Trail West 
YoungLives Team : Emilie, Jen, Lucy & Lindsey 
Musician Ryan Long 


:) said...

I <3 my ylives ladies! how awesome!

Tina K said...

How great to have Ryan Long there. he reminds me of the good ol days of leadership weekend. It doesn'y seem that long ago until I translate the time frame in years. Hope camp was great. (no pedi's, right?!)

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