Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Trip to the ER

Wow, we made it to November before our first trip to the ER.

Ben woke up with the "junk", so we headed over to the Rady Children's Hospital ER, just 10 minutes away! 

We met Antwon and his mom in the ER. (sweet six year old with Down Syndrome and the "junk" too) 

Great, fast delivery while we waited (speaking my language) and we were home by noon with some great drugs. 

Ben's been hopped up on steroids ever since.


JuLieO said...

is it just me or is he seriously looking older with every posts?

oh, maybe its the drugs too....

SO SO SO glad it was a quick trip for you guys!!! I did pray so maybe that's why. :-P

:) said...

aw- he looks so big!

Jen from Seattle said...

We are thinking of you Ben! Get better soon.

Love ya,
Jen, Chris and Emily

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