Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jog - a - Thoner

I have to admit, I wasn't really excited about school "fundraisers" at first...but after this week 
I've changed my tune. 

First, the McKinley Market was a huge hit this weekend, and then today's Jog-a-thon really warmed my heart. 

And I just watched the little ones. 

Picture 75 kinders running around a big circle for 20 minutes, literally with a smile on their faces the whole time.

Thanks for the donations friends & family. Pay up. 

Check out the action.

Nice balancing Linc. Must be all the yoga we've been doing.
Angie, Armando, Avery, Stephanie & Jun practicing the jog.
Check out our adorable principal and PTA president
Work it girls. 
Good thing you wore that sweat band Linc. Came in handy on the 10th and 11th lap (yes, I did say 11 laps for you "pay by the lap" donors) 

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