Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not so fun

So my sweet sister told me that I even make going to the ER look fun on this here's a little "not so fun" 

I got a little ambitious after the successful McKinley Market last weekend, so this week I looked up other craft fairs in town

Found this one...been around 25 years, 100 vendors...perfect, right? 

Let's just say I paid them to have me there today. 
I think I counted two pregnant people, five babies & about 
a million crocheted pot holders

(Not exactly my demographic)

On the up-side (sorry sister), I did get to spend the morning with my assistant salesman, Lincoln, who pulled off a few sales with his cute freckles & blue eyes.  


Jennifer said...

I went to Popinjay's yesterday (downtown Oly). They have some items like yours. You should contact them & sell your stuff through them. They said they are always looking for "new" stuff. Great niche for you! 360-352-9841. Good Luck!

Jules said...

You still LOOK like you are having fun in your picture. I appreciate that you posted this on my behalf, it makes me feel a bit less jealous...but just a bit. Linky looks cute in his apron, love that boy!!

:) said...

love your precious posts. those aprons rock

Everhart Family said...

Oh come on...we all need those grocery bag holders made out of country themed dish cloths! Still, you do live in San Diego!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi There - I was actually at the Craft Fair today, and took one of your business cards :) I actually did that craft fair about 8 years ago and it really has turned into a "jewelry and cheap crafts" fair:( Your beautiful stuff definitly didn't fit into that, but if I know of someone having a baby, I'll refer them - loved your eiffel tower onesie!! PS..your son was too cute with his raffle tickets!

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