Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ben's Big Move

Now, tell me if I'm becoming annoying about tooting Ben's horn, but we've been waiting almost four years for this boy to get himself from stomach to sitting and it happened this week! 

I had to share Ben's big accomplishment

Ben, you are one awesome dude. Way to get keep going for it. 

(we're doing stairs tomorrow, mister)


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Ben!!!! : )

JuLieO said...

......and now he won't stop.


That's so amazing and makes me smile.

Beverly said...

How wonderful! Oh, it took me back to when my Noah was small and he used to scoot on his bottom too. He never craweled but a few times and got around by scooting in his bottom. So, sweet!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Good job Ben! There's no stopping you now!

Michelle :) said...

good job big man! yay

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