Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas at the Hotel Del Coronado

We did a family night out to see the lights and tree at the Hotel Del Coronado

Soup & sandwiches at Panera, ice cream at Moo Time Creamery & walking around the hotel 

Seeing Santa is next on the Christmas list 

What fun things have you been doing to celebrate? 


domestic bliss said...

looks like you all are creating wonderful Christmas memories there in San Diego! Sure miss the Byards though.
HOpe your Christmas is wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Wish I could get Parker out to see Santa. He's afraid of him!! Loves books and movies about him, but NOT in real life!!

Finally decorating the tree & house today! We have a party on Friday. I'm cutting it close, but should be done!!

You guys sure look happy. SHORT PANTS?!?!? Must be nice!

Take care & happy holidays!


JuLieO said...

John and Ben have the same cheesy smile.

Like father like son.

JuLieO said...

Now that I look at, throw Lincoln in that mix too. You're the only one standing strong with a photogenic smile.

(Sorry Byard, it's true.)

Jen from Seattle said...

The Kradjan's and Moser's went on the Santa Train. Boards in Snoqualmie..singing Christmas carols, visiting Santa, cookies/hot chocolate...the whole works. Wish the Byards could have joined us! We also love driving around looking at all the Christmas lights. Emily's Santa request, a princess barbie! Miss ya!

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