Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Harrison Attack

I always knew someday Harrison would figure out he has the upper hand...he's figured it out. 

Check out this video that has a little action from everyone. 

It must be great being the youngest. Fun, cute and no one ever gets mad at you.


:) said...

look at your precious boys! love them!

Bernice said...

OMG...this video is too cute! I love how Ben was entertaining himself with his reflection!!

Anonymous said...

that certainly is a houseful of cute little boys. Miss you guys!xoxoxo

Lexi said...

It was so good talking to you today...but it made me miss you even more...then I saw this video and it really made me miss you! =)

Jessie said...

oh man Ben didn't seem to mind the attack much, but what I couldn't stop laughing at was the song Lincoln made up for his pot pie. It's going to be stuck in my head all day : )simbriti

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