Monday, December 22, 2008

Letter to Lincoln

Dear Lincoln, 

I was thinking about you tonight and how big you are. I feel like you were born just a few moments ago, and I can't believe you'll be 6 soon. There are so many great things about you and who you're becoming. 
You are so kind-hearted and you really care about how people feel. I love that you want to write all your words yourself, and that you write your J's backwards. I love that you really haven't shaken your presents and you have kept my present from Daddy a secret. 
You're so funny and you make me laugh hard every day. You're a great big brother, and you love to play with Harrison and pretend that Ben bugs you. But I know how much you love them both. 
There are so many awesome things about you and I'm so looking forward to Christmas morning with you. You're the coolest.  
Love you, 


JuLieO said...


and think, some day soon your boys will be writing thoughtful letters like this to you! (well if they know what's good for them they will)

:) said...

aw. that picture is BEAUTIFUL!

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