Saturday, December 13, 2008

one long trolley ride to see santa

I have a San Diego To-Do List. I'm a first born. 

Cross one more thing off. 
Ride the "trolley"
(public transportation light rail train)

Of course, our destination was 10 minutes away by car and an hour by trolley. 

Super fun on the way to see Santa. Not so fun on the way back. Especially since we got on the wrong trolley and headed to Mexico. Seriously, it ends in Tijuana. 

Now he wasn't Nordstrom Santa, but his beard was real. And he was good enough for Lincoln to discuss his list with. 

The best line of the night was the guy we walked past on the street downtown who asked...
"Hey, are you guys Mormon, or what?" (oh silly man, 3 kids?)


Jennifer said...

MORMON?!?!? Sheesh!

Great pictures!

Wish we could go on a trolley ride. Parker woud LOVE it!

Happy Holidays!


Jessie said...

Oh Ben did such a good job, the last time I can remember he was bawling hysterically at Santa and Lincoln didn't want to go near him. Precious boys...can't wait to see you!

:) said...

you're such a cool mom!

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