Saturday, January 31, 2009

better with age

10 awesome things about John you should know on his birthday

10. He likes to have fun anytime, anywhere
9. He is totally infatuated with the beach. over the top
8. He is content with life almost all of the time.
7. He has a servants heart and truly loves kids.
6. He loves facebook with all of his heart.
5. He loves to talk about his high school football team
4. He looks really handsome in a dress shirt and khakis. 
3. He is a really fun dad, with just a dash of strict. 
2. He genuinely wants me to be happy
1. He still has a secret dream to be a rockstar. 
(you already are in my book honey)

happy 38th babe 


The Mosers said...

Happy Birthday John! Enjoy your special day.

The Moser's in Seattle!

Everhart Family said...

Happy Birthday John!! Jenn I love this post..can I steal it for my blog?


Anonymous said...

john is the best...really i have never met a guy better then him. my life means so much more because i know him. off all the people i know he is the best one.

My Three Sons Designs said...

absolutely Courtney :)
and yes, John did write that last post...

AJLiz said...

Jen, you know I'm a big John fan - always have been, always will be - but one of the best things is he knows how to pick 'em... you're a great wife and mom. Sweet post!

Liz Langenbach

Jenny G said...

I agree with Liz on all accounts

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