Sunday, January 11, 2009

game time baby

while newport beach offers some incredible views
our vacations generally revolve around game time
some healthy competition
throw in a little adrenaline and some serious
trash talking

the stuff that friendships are built on

john, the monopoly king
klinkhamers, foos trophy winners 
lisa, speed scrabble queen 
megan, bocci babe 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for throwing in the Bocci victory but my other, more impressive victory of the weekend, has been conveniently passed over... I'm not talking headlines but don't you think the Brunette Foos win deserves a little blog attention?

JuLieO said...

and what do the Byards' dominate in....?

Lisa said...

Wow, thanks for the speed scrabble shout out! I do agree with meg about the brunette champs! miss you.

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