Monday, January 5, 2009

Seriously, 6?

I can't believe it was six years ago that this boy was born.
Six years of learning, growing, and loving this boy.
Being asked every question known to man
Laughing at so many things he does 
Loving my husband more as I've seen him be dad to this boy.
Loving this boy even more as I see him love his brothers.
Six seems so much bigger than five. 
So much smarter.
So much more independent.
So kind & full of laughter. 
Six is just the start.

Happy Year Six Linc. 

Day at Sea World "only child" style. Didn't even miss those brothers, huh Lincoln?
One of our favorite things...the helicopter ride to the arctic base...polar bears and beluga literally.
Shark Encounter. So fun. Big glass tube you walk through with sharks swimming just feet above you. That's why I don't surf. 
Well, my lack of athletic ability is the other reason. 
The birthday cake that my mom said looks more like boobs. What do you think? (can I say boobs on a blog?)


Alanna said...

I thought it looked like an egg carton at first, then I saw the lego! Very creative, and those boobs are pretty tiny... :) Hahaha Hope you guys have a great week! - Alanna

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday big man! When I talked to him yesterday he didn't even tell me about his Sea World trip so I thought it didn't happen! What a stinker :) Can't believe he is six. He is growing way too fast, love you Linky!

Jen from Seattle said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln! Six??? Can't believe it! Looks like you guys had a great time at Sea World. Enjoy!
The Moser's

Sarah B. said...

Your blog is so sweet. I love this ode to your 6 year old. We were in Newport for Thanksgiving and loved it. Hope to stay there again. My favorite is Laguna though.
I'd love to exchange links if you do that sort of thing.

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