Saturday, February 7, 2009

First YL Club @ San Diego State

It takes courage to leave what's comfortable 

and start something totally new

My husband did just that when we left our life in AZ
and traveled across the desert to San Diego 

Starting a new ministry has its ups and downs
it's so exciting to see God at work in people, and yet its a little lonely too

San Diego State Young Life had their first Club this week! 
The great leadership team pictured above put their all into it...invited people, planned for it, prayed and encouraged each other. Over 80 kids came...

The first of many times on the campus of San Diego State where college kids are introduced to a relationship with Jesus. 

and nothing is more exciting than that.
way to go honey 


Lisa said...

That is soooo awesome! You guys are great. (I really like the aprons know all I do with Caroline is bake cupcakes, sweep the porch, sew...if only!)

Love you guys. And Miss you.

Jules said...

Uncle John you rock!! Congratulations on your first club....what a success. The Gragg family is very proud of you.

Lexi said...

It looks great! Can you call me soon? I don't have your number phone. I miss you. I think we might be in San Diego this weekend! CALL ME!

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