Wednesday, February 4, 2009

so big

how can you be 4? 

it was just a few days ago that you were in my belly, 
i swear
and then you came out, the sweetest, tiniest, sleepiest, most loveable baby in the world 
about two hand fulls
everything you do is awesome, 
except biting and throwing plates (about 20 now, right?)
i love when you laugh at yourself in the mirror every morning, like you've never seen yourself before
that you hug harrison with both arms whenever he dares to 
cross your path
the way you look at lincoln like he rules your universe
and last but not least, the million ways you've shown everyone you meet what love is 

daddy said that when you got off the bus yesterday 
everyone said "goodbye, ben!"...even the typical kids
that's just the way you roll

happy birthday benners  


Michelle :) said...

yay for #4 :D

Beverly said...

He is so darn cute! Happy Bday!!!

The Mosers said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!! Enjoy your special day. We are thinking of you! Emily asked what kind of cake did you have?

Love, Jen, Chris and Emily Moser

Bekah Jennings said...

It was such a treat to catch up on your life in San Diego! Baby Madeleine is due in a week--your baby products make me drool! (Esp. the Paris ones, since this is our Paris baby!)

Thrifted Treasure said...

Just came across your Blog, this post made me cry, what a beautiful little man, I'm Mum of 3 boys too :-)

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