Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Four Plus

this boy has gigantor tonsils...on the "tonsil scale", one to four, ben's are a four plus. 
4+ = surgery  

so off we go tomorrow morning (6am) for tonsil time
the cool thing is that while 
he's out they are going to 
grab those adenoids too
put some tubes in his ears
give him a hearing test
and an echocardiogram. 

all things that usually go better on a sleeping four year old 

if you remember, say a prayer for benners around 8am 
hoping for a throat with more more room for breathing! 
no more snoring baby boy

doesn't ben look rad in his gait trainer? 


Anonymous said...

Will be keeping Benners in my prayers! I hope his sleeping and breathing improves a ton ... that surgery usually helps in a big way.

He looks SO awesome in his gait trainer!!

Happy Belated B-day wishes to Benners as well ... I meant to comment on his birthday post, and then it slipped my mind. Ugh!

I hope to get out there to see you all and snap some photos eventually! Things are a bit crazy right now, though. Due to the big budget cuts that basically destroyed early intervention services in Arizona TCH is closing the KiDS program on April 3. It is SOOO sad. Ugh. I will be okay as I can transfer the kids who aren't losing services to my other agency, but it is breaking my heart that our beloved TCH KiDS program is a victim of the cuts as well. : (

Hope you are all doing well! I keep up with your blog posts even though I am not one to do a lot of commenting. I can tell you have all adjusted quite well to San Diego and I will look forward to visiting you guys in the future!

- Sarah

Jen from Seattle said...

Dear Ben,

You are in our thoughts and prayers! Emily had this same surgery (minus the ear tube thing) when she was 2 1/2. It made such an incredible difference in her health and sleeping patterns! Now no more snoring and no more sleep apenea. Plus she loved the all you could eat ice cream, frozen pops and jello after the surgery! You are a brave little will do great! Love ya!
The Moser Family

Beverly said...

Praying for Ben to have a quick recovery! He looks so cute in his new walker! Noah did very well after his T and A at 3 years old. His were also HUGE!

Jenny G said...

Praying for you all. Ben looks like he is doing a karate move.

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