Saturday, March 7, 2009

Guinea Pig

lincoln and i want a guinea pig. we're just pet people, no apologies. john however, does not want a guinea pig. 

we had a lincoln and john make their points this morning...

1. i really, really want a guinea pig
2. they are cute and like a real pet
3. i'll take care of it
4. i really, really want one

1. they stink and squeal
2. you won't take care of it
3. i said no

what do you think? i'm sure john will listen to you all...


Jennifer said...

I tend to agree with John. They do smell & are HARD work (are you prepared to do it ALL, Jen?). You'll have to arrange sitters for them during vacations, too. They may be cheap, but the paraphernalia isn't. Good luck! I'd say go for a fish, but I'M stuck with that one! DOIN'G IT ALL!!!

Lexi said...

get a fish... or a puppy. things with cages are gross. sorry lincoln!

Jules said...

My sister is an absolute guinea pig lover, so it does not surprise me that her first born son is too. How many did you have Jen when we were little....12. And you killed them all, and considering your track record with animals I'm not sure it is a good idea. Good luck Lincoln!!

Jenny G said...

rodents in general are yuck, believe me they stink up the house and get out and then die somewhere random and you do not know this until you smell the rotten body and then you cant get the stink out. Sorry Jen, but I have to say I agree with John. But dont listen to me, I am afraid of all rodent and rodent type animals--glorified rats I say.

My Three Sons Designs said...

wow, how about a bunny?

she sure is strange said...

OMG, we LOOOOVE piggies at my house!! We have 5 sows and 3 boars and just think they are totally worth the expense and smell and time they take up. We also have 4 dogs and 6 indoor-only cats so we might have a slight hoarding problem(but not really, we just love animals!).


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