Friday, March 27, 2009


I know this reveals how totally out of the loop I am about things that are "in", but I spent every last second of my free time the last two weeks reading the Twilight Series. 

Um, when did vampires get so cool? Like every other girl, aged 12 to 45, I've got a major crush on Edward (my sister likes Jacob better...what?)

Totally missing me some vampire drama. 
Anyone have another suggestion to satify my thirst? (ew) 


audreypawdrey said...

The House of Night series by P.C. Cast is pretty good too. I think the first in the series is Marked. I would have to be Switzerland in regards to Twilight there is just something about Jacob.

My Three Sons Designs said...

wow, another Jacob lover. something to think about :)

Everhart Family said...

I am SO addicted to the series! I won't tell you how many times I reread them all...I will send you the link to a goody I found on her site! XOXO

Michelle :) said...

it's unreal what fabulous reading twilight is- I read "the historian" and it was enough vampire to get me OFF vampires, thank God!

I do like Jacob, but I can't see how people could BE team Jacob. It's obvious Edward and Bella are MADE for each other. wasn't breaking dawn AWESOME?

Lauren said...

I'm a bigger fan of Jacob too. He's not as creepy. I haven't finished the 3rd and 4th books though, maybe my mind will change on that!

Jules said...

Ok's not that I don't think Bella and Edward should be together. I just like that Jacob gave him a run for his money. Jacob just has a personality and is fun, Edward is not. I wouldn't say that I am "team Jacob", I would say that I am "team Jaward". Quite a few Jacob lovers out it!!

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