Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

It's your lucky day Jenny! Lucky #7

Jenny said: "Putting in Jodi...who is due with number 2 on Henry's birthday, October 14th"

Just pick out your fabrics and your blankies will be on their way!


Jenny G said...

I had a hard day at the preschool today and then I come home to this! I am so excited, I almost peed my pants!!!!!! I will pick out my colors and let you know. This is the best day!

Lexi said...

well, I'm glad that your winner was so happy. But really, I lost again!?!? Maybe you could make this game one of skill and not luck? Haha, like that would help! I hope you are doing good, and everyone is healthy. Miss you

Jenny G said...

Let's do Cow with green minky. I will probably order one for Jodi's baby and my friend Erin...they are both due on Henry's BD, but they won't know what they are having until May. I will let you know. Thank you!

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