Wednesday, April 29, 2009

home pains

oh, i'm trying so hard to be content in my rental 

but the painter/re-doer/decorator in me is calling
and i'm fighting her

found this house and came within an inch of buying
but john talked me down from the ledge 
how could i say no to the right price & remodeled? 

i'm posting about it to relieve the pain
and patiently (kind of) waiting for 
the right time 
and the right house

but i can still look at wall paper in the meantime, right? 


Jules said...

You didn't tell me about the house when we talked today....hello!! Waaaay cute! Too much?

Anonymous said...

so beautiful! good luck finding something...kelly

JuLieO said...

There are some great deals in Az.....

Just saying. :-)

Jenny said...

ooooh, I love it, but I know you guys will find the perfect house

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