Wednesday, April 29, 2009

speaking of wall paper

kristin, seriously, where do you find these things? 

who would have thought wallpaper could look this gorgeous? 

i'm trying to figure out a way to get back for the market
check out the details here 
it's not like me to miss a good shopping opportunity 

arizona, can anyone put me up for the night?


Everhart Family said...

Fo' Sho' casa es sue casa! We have a twin bed with your name on it if you need it!


Lexi said...


Jenny said...

pick me! pick me! I have a full sized bed, but I live in the FEV...

My Three Sons Designs said...

oh, you're all so nice! I'm working out the details and I'll let you know. Thanks!

JuLieO said...

Sure, those places sound nice, but I don't know why you'd pass on a great college house to stay in. We have a twin bed in a spare bedroom.

I mean, how could you pass an opportunity to say you stayed at "The Duplex" with 9 college students?

Totally up to you of course.....I suppose I'll understand if you choose to go hang out with real adults.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Robson street would be so happy to have you!

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