Monday, May 18, 2009

target giveaway!

my apologies for my blogging break this month
i was sewing my little heart out for the soiree

to make up for my absence
and to get your valuable opinions on my new logo
i'm giving away a $25 target gift card, just for you! 

just leave me a comment with your opinion on the logo 
(see blog header!) 
and i'll draw the lucky winner this friday

check back in for some fun things later this week...


Lexi said...


Everhart Family said...

Great seeing you! Sorry we didn't get to catchup more!!! Your booth looked great & San Diego looks good on you;)

Love the new banner!

Beverly said...

the new logo is very nice!

Jenny said...

I really like the new logo, but I am not sure if I love it with the side designs what ever that area is called on the both sides of the blog.
I love how the three birds are flying...who did it?

Ruthie said...

Jen, I love your new logo! Its so Stampin Up,it looks like some of their stamps .Your are so creative and I love reading your blog. Hope to see you soon!

onehm said...

FABULOUS! I love the colors. I love the graphic style of it. But most of all I love those three little birds flying away from that darling tree! WOW. Did you do this yourself? You have skills!

Alanna said...

I like!! Very nice... :)

Bernice said...

Love the 3 birds!!
Jen call me soon... We will be out there on Saturday!! :)
Hope to see you!!

Missionwide YoungLives said...

i like it!

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