Monday, June 8, 2009

Camp Contest!

one awesome lost canyon camp t-shirt (so chic) to the comment with the best guess of this picture's story...remember, this is YL camp! 

contest closes on friday!
(all people currently at lost canyon are ineligible. you know who you are)


JuLieO said...

Hawaiian, cross dressing, mickey mouse hand, Christmas in June!

That HAS to be it!

Amy Bonzon said...

I am guessing Lost Canyon was taken over by a pirate gang. Alas! But then camp was rescued by the hipster Santa with cool funky glasses who also forgave the pirate gang...and they all lived happily every after!

I soo want to win something!!

Jenny said...

The bad pirate stole the deed to Lost Canyon while posing as Santa. But then we came to find out that the pirate never learned how to love and then found out that he was brothers with the good guys (brothers from other mothers) and then all of a sudden everyone started to dance and sing and then a shot gun went off and everyone was frozen except the staff kids who couldnt stop laughing.

Ruthie said...

Let me guess... Mr Linclon was kiddnap by this guy
at camp and I know he is roaming LC. He hid him Santas bag but then Santa rescued him and took him out of his bag and he came out like that!

My Three Sons Designs said...

oh, my. these are some good guesses. Lincoln will be the judge tomorrow!

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