Sunday, June 28, 2009

south park yard-sale-a-thon

our neighborhood here is called north park 
as in "north of balboa park" 
so you can probably guess what the neighborhood directly south of us is called...
yep, south park 
(not potty mouth cartoon south park, but adorable, yummy and craftsman style south park)

and this saturday was their 
annual community yard sale
125 yard sales! even i was overwhelmed

here are a few of the treasures i found for re-sale 

antique iron/porcelain bathroom hardware - 80.
vintage pyrex serving dish - 10.
antique windows - two sets of two - 35. each 

and i haven't even shown you the sweet things i'm keeping for myself!

i love yard sales 

1 comment:

onehm said...

THAT is a dream come true for me! 125 yard sales in San Diego???? WOW. I swear you are living my dream life...

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