Sunday, July 5, 2009

our favorite zonies

although i'm sure i can't be officially a san diegan until the year mark, i don't consider myself a zonie any longer
but some of my favorite people in the world are 
and they came to our casa on dale st for the 4th

we got a two sitters for our six kids one night and...
red cup cabernet on the beach
hanging out on the deck at the hotel del coronado
dinner at our favorite restaurant, vagabond 



Michelle :) said...

dang JB- you look GOOD! can't wait to hug you!

Jules said...

You do look real good sis!! You might just accomplish this "weigh less than my sister goal". It looks like you had a great 4th!!

Jenny said...

I promise I was going to say how thin you are before I got on and saw the other mama--Zowie!

Kelly Gray said...

ok- im just repeating everyone else- but you look hottie jen!

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