Thursday, August 20, 2009

big city girl

i'm not sure where to even begin with new york.
john and i alone in the big apple for four days

i was made for this city. 

a few of our highlights shown above...

1. top of the empire state building, clear day
2. the "classic" things about new york...doormen, 
horseback police, the boathouse in central park
3. tribeca, soho and greenwich village. so cool.
4. the super old FABULOUS buildings
5. little italy. the food. the italian grandmas
the young guys with greased hair and gold chains. 
6. the fire station at ground zero
7. the places from all my favorite movies and shows
8. wall street
9. 30 rock 
10. the "highline". beautiful city park up 
on top of an old, above ground train track. 
teak lounge chairs overlooking the hudson river. awesome. 
11. walking through harlem. the michael jackson 
memorial at the apollo
12. new york at sunset
13. the statue of liberty from the ferry 
14. washington square 
15. john relaxing at sunset in highline park. 

now this is a city. 


Michelle :) said...

awesome pics- enjoy yourself! much love

Kelly Gray said...

I am SO glad you guys were able to go together for a few days. How fun! Looks like a great trip.

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