Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fancy clothes

oh yes, the first day of school outfit

complete with leather belt, boat shoes and silk tie

when did this happen? 
first grade in ms. appleby's class.
second year at mckinley elementary.

his favorite part of the day was making the 5th graders laugh on the playground by doing arm pit farts...

until principal ashton-gray caught him. 

lincoln : "mom, she said, "that's not polite,honey" 
me : "then i guess you'll have to find something else to do"
lincoln : "but mom, that's my only talent" 

is it bad that i like arm pit farts too?  


The Moser Family said...

This story made my morning! Lincoln looks so grown up...what a handsome little guy all dressed up in his new digs!

Michelle :) said...

there are worse things than arm pit farts- for sure

Beverly said...

great photo and such a funny story!

onehm said...

Could NOT be cuter!!
:) What a handsome little man!

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