Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Choose Your Tote Giveaway!

well, it's officially still today :)
and here's my sweet giveaway!
the winner will choose a reversible tote for your very own.
and because i love you, you can have two chances to enter :

1. just leave a comment and which tote you would like
2. get a friend to leave a comment with your name in it

voila! entered twice. two times.

giveaway ends sunday, november 1st, midnight.
(happy anniversary, honey)
i'll announce the winner on monday!

disco dots & stripes
orange burst
pink dahlia


Alanna said...

Disco Dots & Stripes!
-Alanna :)

Jen Moser said...

Disco Dots & Stripes!
Jen Moser

Lexi said...

pink dahlia please

McKenzie June said...

PINK DAHLIA please :)
hope all is well!!

lindseypatchell said...

Orange burst...TEXAS FIGHT!

Erin :) said...

i agree with linds... orange burst! super cute jen! and... im gonna forward this to my girlfriends!

Missionwide YoungLives said...

so hard to decide...but I am going with Orange Burst!

PS. I like your scarf! :)

Treva Clay said...

Disco Dots & Stripes

Amy Bonzon referred me!

Danielle @ said...

I love the Pink Dahlia! Wow, those are beautiful!

Amy Bonzon referred me!

Everhart Family said...

Pink Dahlia...Yum! Love it!

Michelle :) said...

pink dahlia! yesss

Anonymous said...

Disco Dots & Stripes - Christie (Bonney Lake, WA)

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