Thursday, October 1, 2009

october fest

this has been a very busy month

ben's pneumonia, work travel, school starting
we didn't have much time for fun as a family

so i've decided that october is family fun month
kick-off today was a few hours at seaworld
we'll be logging some beach hours 
byard's "one year in san diego" celebration  
pajama night at the library
and much more 

want to join us?  


JuLieO said...

Yes, I do.

jen byard said...

then hop in your car and drive across the desert...we're waiting.

Ruffentine said...

I want to come join! Your post is making me regret being responsible this week! Winter break maybe? Congrats on your one year anniversary! Still seems so weird that you're not here! Miss you! (:

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