Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Decorating Casa de Byard - Part 3 - Living Room Update

this is recession-proof decorating
i.e. paint, thrift stores, farmers markets & re-purposing

we californians like to re-cycle :)

paint - leaf #4 from yolo colorhouse, re-upholstered rocker by Jose, side board from pat's thrift store, manzanita branch from farmers market
white ikea chair from the "as is" bin, wall art by ben
rug moved from the kids' room, leather ottoman from target, vintage couch from yard sale, orange pillows - sale rack at anthropologie
nest picture from domestic bliss, dried herbs - farmers market, accessories from marshalls
(please excuse the parquet floor wall, it's a rental!)


Beverly said...

love everything! we have a very similar couch and I would love to get a white slip cover for it.

Joy B. said...

That looks soooo good.
Happy Thanksgiving Jen!

Jennifer said...

I actually LIKE the wall! Warms things up.

Hope all is well! Happy Holidays.

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