Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Give-Away!

I really love giving and receiving gifts. But mostly giving! I'm worse than my kids...I asked John if Lincoln could open up just one present last night. He said no. So his scroogy-ness means I'm giving away these new Christmas Star kitchen towels to satisfy my need!

Leave a comment to enter with the answer to this question...What kind of treat do you leave on the Santa plate Christmas eve? It's oatmeal raisin cookies at our place. I'll pick a winner on the 26th.

Merry December 23rd!


court garrison said...

We give away...NOTHING! We dont do Santa at my house. Okay, so maybe I win for being unique!!?! Cuz you know I am the only scrooge who will write this...what can I say, my oldest kid is 2!?!? Maybe we will start a tradition this year. IF we do, I will leave Peppermint bark for Santa and Puppy Chow for the reindeer(you know the chex, and chocolate and peanut buttery goodness) Love ya and love those towels! :-0

Missionwide YoungLives said...

This year it will probably be delicious molasses crinkle cookies...unless they all get eaten and then I have some standby Nestle premade dough cookies to use...There are rumors going around that we are also leaving carrots for his reindeer (Abby is concerned about them getting something too...) Also some milk...
Merry Christmas!!

Tracey said...

Hey Jen!!! Julie told me you had put the wreaths on your blog so I thought I would check it out. Your blog ROCKS!

This year it will be white chocolate, cranberry, pecan cookies. It varies year to year depending on what hasn't been scarffed down by the girls.

Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

chocolate crinkles, oatmeal-craisin-white choc chip, and $50.

Alanna said...

I love your products!!! :) We leave Eggnog and anything sweet we have around - Santa is not picky!! :)
Merry Christmas!
Alanna, Jonathan, Carolina & Joia

Lexi said...

first time doing santa as a mommy... didn't even think about leaving him cookies. I have a box a nilla wafers in the pantry... so probably some wafers :) Thanks for reminding me.

Lisette said...

We put chocolate chip and coconut cookies. They're delicious!

I'd love to try and win one of those towels, they're so pretty!

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