Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Giant Peach

Front street view
Our side of the porches...front and back.
Ah, the joy of moving. Once again, we packed, tossed, sold, bought and hauled our way to a new house. We're affectionately calling it the giant peach. (which my mom promptly said is incorrect because the house is yellow. what?) Anyways, the attempt to save money in a cheaper rental has turned into an unexpected treat.

We are loving our new nest. We have the top two floors in this 100 year old Victorian in Golden Hill, overlooking downtown.

This week will be Giant Peach week on the blog. Tune in for more pics daily.


Jules said...

It looks totally different then I envisioned. It is very cool on the outside, I can't wait to see pictures of the inside!! Oooohhhh I want to visit!!

Beverly said...

love, love it. Im sure it is lovely inside. I love old houses. That is all we lived in back in Pa and our old house there was built in 1910.

Michelle :) said...

loveeee it!

Joy B. said...

Wow Jen!!! Your place looks fantastic. I can't believe where the Lord has taken you and your beautiful family... from Mesa to the Giant Peach. What a great adventure. Life looks really JoYfUl being YOU!
God bless.

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