Friday, February 19, 2010

Snack Jars

A simple way to avoid the after school snack drama. Three choices. They change frequently, but are always things that my kids like. We're not talking broccoli or brussel sprouts, but at least they're low in sugar and fills them up till dinner.

Bear still thinks crackers are cookies, so I'm his hero.

Jars courtesy of Target, snacks via Trader Joe's.


Beverly said...

we have these jars too. love your new place. it is so filled with light and sun, love it!

Mama Ventura said...

What is in the far right jar? We are obsessed with Trader Joes peanut butter filled pretzels around our house.

jen byard said...

They're chocolate cat cookies! So yummy...come in ginger and regular cookie flavor too.

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