Saturday, March 20, 2010

Field Trip

We have the Golden Hill fire station a few blocks down our street. The boys and I were walking home from Starbucks the other day and were flagged over by a fireman. (I know, how clique that he's good looking) The boys inspected every inch of that fire truck and Lincoln asked every question know to man about fire fighting.

We had an interesting conversation about how the main tanker at their station is "grounded" because of budget cuts. A few days ago there was a fire in my neighborhood and although this station is a few blocks away, the truck had to come from several miles. A man died in the fire and there is speculation now about the time it took for that truck to arrive.

Three things on my to-do list this week.
1. New batteries for our smoke detectors
2. Plate of brownies for the firemen down the street
3. Letter to my local city council about the safety of my neighborhood

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