Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing the Boat

My procrastination didn't pay off this spring break. Our names never moved up on the Carnival Cruise wait list, so we listened from our kitchen to the ship's horn as it departed.

Time for plan B. Stay-cation.

A one-night stay at the Hyatt Mission Bay. Started the day with fish tacos at World Famous in Pacific Beach, followed by check-in, four hours of pool and water slides, dinner at Red Marlin (with an awesome Harrison no-nap meltdown), smores at the firepit, and in-room movie for the kids. We all slept in, had breakfast and more pool time before check-out.

Lincoln chose a day at Legoland for good grades and school behavior. While not my favorite theme park (how many things can you make from Legos? Really?), we had some good moments. Harrison was quite taken with the princess, Lincoln and John liked all of the "do it yourself" rides, and Ben wanted to go home with Bob the Builder. (kinda creepy)

All in all, not a bad week after missing the boat.

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