Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Listen Up

Ben's got his gear. Functional, yet fashionable, blue hearing aids with sparkles.

Pretty good first day wearing them. I only had to say "no touch!" about 100 times, and put them back in 50 times. Tomorrow will be better, I'm sure.

He also pulled them off at Ikea and dropped them through the cart. I'm trying to not lose this pair in the first week, but there's about a 28% chance of that actually happening.

I also had one of those awesome IKEA moments standing in line waiting to get Lincoln out of the ball room (dirtiest place on the planet?) Picture this...

The IKEA lady is yelling at Lincoln to stop doing things she told him not to do

Several moms with kids in private school uniforms (nothing against private school, just setting the mood) are standing behind me in line looking clean and perfect.

One of the moms says to me " there's something spilling underneath your cart". I look. I can't figure it out. No sippy cups, no starbucks, etc...

Another mom says "it's coming from his diaper." Yes, my adorable son with Down Syndrome is sitting in the basket throwing things out, with pee running out of his diaper, pooling on the floor.

I stayed calm. Said "well, that's a first". Took him to the bathroom for a diaper change, and finished off the evening giving the kids meatballs and mac and cheese in the IKEA restaurant. Mom of the year, me for sure.

Anyways, back to the point of this post. Ben, I'm so glad you can finally hear to your full potential. You're the man and you look super cool in your aids. Chicks love em.


Jennifer said...

Dear Ben,
Congrats on your hearing aids! I love mine...what a difference they make. It takes some getting use to but well worth it! I'm alittle jealous of the blue sparkles. We can compare when I see you in June!

DAD said...

your the man ben

love dad

Anonymous said...

I love the Ikea story - complete with perfect private school kids behind you. Just so you know - you've always looked composed to me. I can't imagine you looking flustered, actually. The other kids moms probably looked at you and thought "I wish I could do it with grace and style like she does."

oh, and congrats on the hearing aids. That's excellent.

ParkerMama said...

It's always great to meet another Mama who loves a kid with Down syndrome. :)

Tammy and Parker
@ParkerMama on Twitter

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