Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday + Lost Canyon + Father's Day

I think I might need a vacation from celebration.                                       

After opening birthday presents and sucking down my favorite Starbucks drink, we packed up the truck and headed over to Phoenix. Got the kids in their pajamas and met our friends to celebrate my birthday. Oregano's pizza and salads, Malbec and a delicious homemade espresso cake. (Miss you guys)

Saturday morning was spent having a relaxing brunch and a not-so-relaxing trip to Target with six kids to pick up the last few camp essentials. We hit the road again mid-afternoon to arrive at Lost Canyon by dinner time. After un-packing and getting situated in our new "home", we stayed up late talking with friends. 

Father's Day highlights included a scavenger hunt around camp to find John's presents, chocolate cupcakes decorated by the kids with sprinkles and tootsie rolls, and an evening showing of Princess Bride. 

Was your Father's Day weekend all you hoped for?

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! glad you're having a great time.

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