Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Camp Rules

Top Ten Rules to live by at Lost Canyon...

1. Wear it like you mean it. Whatever "it" is. 
2. Headbands never go out of style. 
3. Vanilla Ice and Will Smith, loved by 40-year-olds and 12-year-olds alike 
4. Chicken is a multi-purpose meat. It's made into 312 different things at the LC.
5. Bacon is one of the 4 basic food groups. 
6. There's no such thing as a dessert quota at Lost Canyon.
7. 50 person hot tub capacity = 100 capacity during jr high week 
8. Guacamole and Chicken Nuggets are calorie-free after 11pm
9. 17 children under one roof. Co-parent or die. 
10. There's no substitute for love. (and an occasional, "I'm a jerk") 

1 comment:

Cecilia said...

miss you guys and praying for you

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