Monday, June 14, 2010

Giveaway Monday

I didnt' think they'd ever make another, but I'm so glad they did! Excited to take all three boys to see Toy Story 3 this weekend. In honor of the big premier, here's a Toy Story package to get you into the mood. Includes: 

Special Edition Toy Story DVD
Toy Story 3 Golden Book
Toy Story 3 Coloring Book 

Leave a comment. Any comment. And you can enter twice if you share this giveaway with a friend. Just have them mention your name, and then comment again.

Giveaway ends Tuesday night. Good Luck!


JennShaffer said...

Love it!

Jules said...

I'm looking forward to taking Josie also-but not on opening weekend-I can't take crowds like that!

danabeth said...

This is so precious.
One of my favorite memories of me and my brothers and our fmaily was going to see the first toy story. Even though they thought they were so cool (the boys) everyone really loved the movie and we enjoyed eachother's company. :)
Cant wait for ts3!

Allie Peace said...

Oh em gee, if it wasn't for me having to save for my Philippines trip, I would totally go and even treat on of my friends!

I love this!!! <3 Gosh!
Peace, <3, and :D !


Allie Peace said...

It's been so long too!
I never thought they would make a Toy Story 3, this is too exciting! :D

Carey said...

Jen - I am loving your blog! It is so creative. I don't know you but Jon was my husband's (and mine) YL leader when we were growing up and had a huge impact on both of us. Its exciting for us to read about your family and I really enjoy your style. Best wishes!

Bernice said...

The kids can't wait for this weekend!! I just told X that Toy Story was the very 1st movie I took him to watch at the theater! Where has time gone???? :(

Everhart Family said...

Not that I think I will win twice...great giveaway! XOXO

Ruthie said...

Olivia loves Toy Story! she would love this!

Liz said...

Josh and Gaby love toy story 2. Not sure if we will see it in 3d but its def a summer vacation must. Love you Jen :)

Emilie said...

Did you ever think I would comment on a blog! Miss you!

Lisa Eaton said...

The Eatons are so excited about Toy Story 3!!!

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