Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello Kindergarten

We experienced something incredibly holy today. And I have the feeling this is just the beginning of these experiences with our Ben. Ten special kids graduating into the next big phase of their lives. A graduation that symbolizes countless hours of hard work to learn, to grow, to develop. 

Ben gives so much of himself to do the things that come so easily for the rest of us. Every small step, every word, every new thing he understands takes determination that most of us will never understand. 

Being in the class today, I was touched by how every person in the room was so committed to Ben's success. When he walked out (with John's assistance) to graduate, the whole room erupted with cheers. As he enthusiastically clapped for every graduate, the other parents laughed and clapped along with him. I realized how much he has affected every parent, every kid, every teacher, every therapist he has contact with. 

It's such a privilege to be this boy's mom.


Cari said...

look how happy he is! :) what a precious family you have :)

onehm said...

He is just so darling! :)

Jess said...

that smile melts my heart! it is like is sweet spirit is pouring out into one gleeful grin!

Cecilia said...

theres my guy.....

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