Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Design Week | Rug Day

I decided that rugs need a day of their own. Windows can wait. I have a very conflicted relationship with rugs. I love them. I hate them. I've bought and sold far too many rugs in my life. So, although my experience is slightly jaded, I have a few things to offer through trial and error. 

First things first. What type of traffic will your rug be getting? Shoes on? Eating in the room? (There's nothing more noticeable than a dirty rug)

High traffic | Rugs that stand up well to a vacumn, spot cleaning and professional cleaning...wool pile, wool/jute blend, chunky jute, or flat woven (usually a blend of wool/cotton). 

Low traffic | Consider less expensive rugs if they won't get much "shoes-on" traffic. These rugs are decorative, cheaper but won't last as long. Sisal, cotton, and jute boucle. 

I'm attracted most to multi-colored floral rugs, but after a few of these, I've realized I re-decorate far too often to stick to one color palate. A rug with an ornate pattern will look great in a room with neutral walls and furniture. It can be the piece that pulls the room together. I like to use big florals on sisal and cotton rugs that cost less and won't make me feel guilty if I replace after a year or two. 

My favorite new rug is the chunky jute or wool/jute blend (top right and middle pictures of the collage). It's not the most comfortable for kids to play on, but feels good under foot, looks good with most decor, adds texture to the room and vacumns well. 

My next rug will be a simple geometric pattern wool rug for the bedroom. Single color rugs with a white pattern add interest to the room, and can make it through several re-designs (if I'm getting too intense at this point, feel free to stop reading and come back tomorrow). This style of rug works well in a room with bold color on the walls. 

Last, but not least, a list of my favorite places to find an awesome rug:
1. World Market - good prices, best selection of patterned sisal rugs. 
2. Pottery Barn - not so good prices, but rugs go on sale quickly. Great quality on wool and jute/wool rugs. Great floral patterns.
3. West Elm - ok prices and best selection of geometric and modern patterns. 
4. IKEA - great prices, good quality for the price on wool rugs. Great prices and quality of chunky jute rugs. 

Ok, enough said on rugs.

Next up...all about windows. 


Jules said...

I'm glad that you listened to everything that I've taught you. I'm loving your home design week sis....miss you!

jen byard said...

Funny sister.

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